The Orcome Trust

Newhall, where the Orcome Trust is administered, is located on the borders of Midlothian and Tweeddale. The Trust was set up in the 1960’s by the Misses Maclagan, the then owners and over time supported several projects in the south west of Scotland. The Orcome Trust supports projects and applications which have significance for the local area and communities and has less enthusiasm for national campaigns. The Orcome Trust is a small organisation; the present Trustees, selected from the community, have varied knowledge and interests and meet twice yearly.

This website is intended to provide easy access and links for people looking for small project funding.

Orcome Trust is a registered charity number SC014107 (Scotland). VAT number 875 785 752

Registered office:
Newhall, Carlops, Midlothian EH26 9LY